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David Tucker C.Ht.

David Tucker C.Ht.

David Tucker C.Ht is a certified hypnotherapist graduate from the Clinical Hypnosis Institute of Warren Michigan. Clinical Hypnosis Institute is a state licensed school of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. David holds three diplomas and a certification. David works in all areas of hypnotherapy but his specialty is Past Life Regressions, Subconscious Mind Healing, as well as Inner Child Healing.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy employs the use of hypnosis to help the client achieve an altered state of consciousness this may help to facilitate behavioral and emotional changes. David is a trained hypnotherapist and can cause a trancelike state in his clients by using audio and visual cues. Once the person enters the hypnotic state, he or she is much more suggestible, making it easier to discuss memories, gain insight, and change behaviors.

Group Hypnotherapy Sessions

Group Hypnotherapy is a group of people going into a trance state together to deal with the same issue. Group Hypnotherapy is beneficial for several reason.

  • You have a support group to work through your issue with.
  • It can be more economical.

Group Hypnotherapy is most often times used with our weight management and stop smoking programs. But, we are more than happy to create a group session that will meet your group’s needs.